Be Honest About Marijuana

Lies, Damn Lies and Prohibitionists Debunking the Myths of Marijuana (Again) In recent events, many government agencies have been in the spotlight for their comments on the medical use and recreational use of Marijuana. These agencies include the DEA as well as The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). The statements that have ben made…


Lawyers, Guns & Cannabis: Gun Rights and the Lawful Use of Marijuana

With the medical and recreational use of cannabis being tolerated at many levels of government, there is one constitutional issue that remains undecided. Currently, it is unlawful for and user of illicit drugs to own, purchase, or possess a firearm at both the State and Federal level. Unfortunately, this includes cannabis. Various administrations and courts…


Case Law Update November 2013

Washington State Law Division One Court of Appeals State v. Davis:  The Court agreed with Mr. Davis that kidnapping and assault charges brought against him after he repossessed a car by removing the owner at gunpoint merged into a single charge, and remanded for vacation of the assault charge.  The Court reasoned that assault with…