Police-Search-Car-300x225If you are stopped with drugs in your car

If you have marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, or other illegal drugs in your possession, these may be discovered in a routine traffic stop.  Officers may claim to smell or otherwise observe indications of illegal possession, and begin to question you about this.  Do not lie to police.  Do be polite, but decline to answer any questions until you have spoken to your attorney.  If police order you out of your vehicle and arrest you, be compliant and cooperative, but continue to assert your right to counsel and your right to silence.

If police want to search your residence

Remember, you never are obligated to give the police access to your home.  Furthermore, you have no duty to answer the door when the police knock. If you do answer, politely decline when officers seek entry, unless they produce a warrant.  Ask to speak to counsel immediately.  If police force their way in, do not assault, threaten, attempt to block entry, or otherwise take any action that could prompt additional charges against you.  Do repeat that you are not giving consent for the search, repeat your request to speak to counsel, and call us as soon as possible.