Our client relationship comes down to a very simple policy: Treat every client with respect and protect their rights as if they were our own.

Our years of experience in criminal law and trial practice has been instructive and provided a strong foundation for litigation and civil law. In turn, we have a well-rounded team of experts to help guide our clients through the complex and often changing legal landscape.

Our office is in downtown Seattle, it is our only office location and our door is open to our clients anytime.  We are very proud of our hard-earned reputation for warriors that are unafraid to take on the complex and tough cases.  We have obtained referrals from the unlikeliest of sources, including opposing counsel in previous matters.  We take that as a very sincere form of professional compliment.

If your matter is simple or destined for a quick and easy settlement, there are plenty of firms in town that can help you.  If your case is complicated or if you are going up against a strong adversary, or if you just want to work with a personable lawyer you can deal with one-on-one who will treat you with the respect, give me a call to discuss your case and see if we can help you. Our team is not afraid of a good fight.


Christopher Girard

Lead Paralegal

Chris is the anchor for many of the complex cases at our firm. He works directly with clients, prosecutors and court staff. In addition, Chris works with outside defense attorneys on our co-defendant cases and prepares cases headed for trial. Chris is the lead contact for all post-conviction matters at Pelley Law.


Autumn Stensen

Managing Director

As the Managing Director, Autumn is responsible for making sure that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly. Autumn manages Human Resources, Marketing  and Accounting. Autumn has been with Pelley Law since the beginning and is considered an integral part of our firm.


Aaron A. Pelley

Senior Attorney

Aaron has represented those accused of felonies and misdemeanors in State and Federal Court. He is a founding member of the Cannabis Defense Coalition Legal Committee and a tireless advocate in the War on Drugs. In addition to representing cannabis clients, Aaron has also earned a reputation for effectively handling white collar and high profile cases, defending both individual and corporate clients. Aaron’s representative cases convey his capacity to handle a diversity of complex and serious legal matters.

Aaron has been named a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers and has been invited to speak on Legal Education Seminars attended by Defense Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Prosecutors.